COVID-19 STATEMENT: While this virus is impacting everyone differently, this online program is continuing as planned.
Please consider joining our global online classroom for an enriching and interactive experience to further your career.
While this virus is impacting everyone differently, this online program is continuing as planned. Please consider joining our global online classroom for an enriching and interactive experience to further your career.

The Market is Calling. Invest in Yourself.

While there is much demand for technical capabilities in today’s tech-driven economy, there is even higher demand for individuals with sound management judgement and skills. In fact, management is the most in-demand skill at Fortune 500 companies, according to a recent five-year study by labor market firm Emsi.*

*Emsi 2018 Fortune 500 Jobs Analysis

An MBA-Inspired Curriculum

In order to achieve a well-rounded perspective as a leader, you will need the ability to manage people, products, and projects — all with sound financial intuition. The key components of this program are:

  • Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Influencing Others
  • Customer-Centric Marketing
  • Developing Financial Intuition
  • Launching New Products
  • Leading and Managing Teams
  • Building Social Capital

96% of past participants said Columbia Business School Executive Education is pertinent to succeeding in today’s rapidly changing business climate

Program Highlights

  • Live Faculty Teaching Sessions

    Live Faculty

  • Columbia Business School’s 360 Assessment Tool

    Columbia Business
    School’s 360
    Assessment Tool

  • Byte-Sized Learning


  • Dedicated Program Support Team

    Support Team

  • Real-world Application


  • Case Studies

    Case Studies

  • Peer Learning & Feedback

    Peer Learning
    and Feedback

  • Mobile Learning App


  • Grading & Evaluation

    and Evaluation

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for professionals who have recently taken on a management role, as well as those who aspire to move into a management role, in order to develop leadership and decision-making capabilities. In addition, middle and senior managers seeking a well-rounded, MBA-inspired management curriculum will also benefit from exposure to the latest marketing, finance, and leadership strategies taught by the faculty at Columbia Business School.

Download the program brochure for a full participant profile.

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"The best part was the leadership, decision making, and networking."

-Carolin Hümpel,


Carolin Hümpel Fashion Agency,


"Very practical. I could relate the content to my real life and put it into practice immediately."

-Greg Davies,

Sales & Marketing Director,

Oxford University Press México,


"The content level was right, and left me wanting more!"

-Terry Park,


Columbia University,

United States

"…very well constructed and provided a wide range of important insights and tools that will be useful in my career. I always felt supported by the team."

-Pedro Castro,

Export Manager,

Secil - Companhia Geral de Cal e Cimento, S.A.,


"Financial videos were great and helped fill in gaps where I had the least experience."

-Romain Gautiez,

Environment Health and Safety Specialist,



"The peer learning was key for me — I would not have learned so much without such a diverse group of people!"

-Asawari Mokashi,


Code Unlimited,

United States

Participant Profile

On your journey to learning management principles with Columbia Business School Executive Education, you’ll be in good company. Past participants come from a wide range of industries, job functions, and management levels.

Representative Companies

  • Accenture
  •, Inc.
  • Bloomberg L.P.
  • Cisco
  • City Centre Commercial Company K.S.C.C.
  • Daikin Middle East & Africa
  • Deloitte
  • Ecolab Inc.
  • FedEx
  • Forefront Analytics
  • Google LLC
  • ICICI Bank Limited
  • Oxford University Press México
  • UBS AG Singapore
  • Walgreens

Representative Job Titles

  • Assistant Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Revenue Management Analyst
  • Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Key Relationship Manager
  • General Manager
  • Global Account Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Director
  • Regional Sales Director
  • Director
  • VP of Solutions
  • CFO
  • President
  • CEO
  • 1.5 yrs
  • 6-10 yrs
  • 11-15 yrs
  • 16-20 yrs
  • 21-25 yrs
  • >26 yrs
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • IT Services
  • IT Products
  • Education
  • Consulting
  • Industrial Good
  • Transport - Logistics
  • Retail
  • Others*

Others* includes Civil Construction, Digital Publishing, Legal Industry, Design and Manufacturing, Aviation, Fashion and more

The Learning Journey

the Learning Journey
  • Module 1: Orientation and Welcome
  • Module 2: Leadership and Decision Making
  • Module 3: Influencing Others
  • Module 4: Being Customer-Centric
  • Module 5: Developing Financial Intuition
  • Module 6: Launching New Products
  • Module 7: Leading and Managing Teams
  • Module 8: Building Social Networks
  • Module 9: Capstone Case and Conclusion

At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Explain leadership styles and their impact on team dynamics
  • Apply the six steps to a rational decision model and six psychological truths to a group case study
  • Identify influencing techniques as they apply to leadership and customer service
  • Compute values expressing CLV, present values, and capital budgeting rules
  • Match ideation templates with product development scenarios
  • Compare networking options and their benefits
  • Compare case study data regarding cash flows with OTC and mobile wallet models

For full details of the curriculum, please download the brochure.

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Gita Johar

Gita Johar,

Meyer Feldberg Professor of Business in Marketing

Gita Johar is an influential scholar in the field of consumer psychology who has published several articles on consumer responses to marketing efforts. Her expertise in persuasion makes her uniquely qualified to lead a program on marketing and innovation, generating creative ideas...

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Oded Netzer

Oded Netzer,

Professor of Business, Marketing

Professor Netzer’s research at Columbia Business School centers on one of the major business challenges of the data-rich environment of the 21st century: developing quantitative methods that leverage data to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and guide decisions...

Read More
Adam Galinsky

Adam Galinsky,

Chair of Management Division, Vikram S. Pandit Professor of Business

Adam Galinsky received his PhD from Princeton University and his BA from Harvard University. Professor Galinsky has published 200 scientific articles, chapters, and teaching cases in the fields of management and social psychology...

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Daniel Wolfenzon

Daniel Wolfenzon,

Family Business Program, Chair of Finance Division, Stefan H. Robock Professor of Finance and Economics

Daniel Wolfenzon received a Masters and a PhD in economics from Harvard University and holds a BS in economics and a BS in mechanical engineering from MIT...

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The Late Katherine Phillips

The Late Katherine Phillips,

Reuben Mark Professor of Organizational Character

The late Katherine Phillips joined the faculty at Columbia Business School as the Paul Calello Professor of Leadership and Ethics in fall of 2011...

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Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate of participation from Columbia Business School Executive Education and one day towards a Certificate in Business Excellence.

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Your verified digital certificate will be issued in your legal name and emailed to you, at no additional cost, upon completion of the program, as per the stipulated requirements. All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of the Columbia Business School Executive Education

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